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A (non) Daily Mail-esque rant about youngsters

I am of a pre-internet generation. This may seem like an odd comment, as I have actually had the internet for ages, but when I think about it I’ve had it for around 11 years – less than half my lifespan. Compare this to the wee ‘uns who’ve had it for the always and you see where I’m coming from.

Now I’m not about to argue this means the death of society as we know it, or the internet is evil and how will we protect our kids from all the porn etc. (put some fucking net nanny software on it and pay attention to what your kids are doing, morons), or that we were underprivileged because of our lack of nets at a young age. They would all be stupid points to go with.

But I have thought of one thing I find quite interesting – the manner in which I, and people of my generation/older gather information, or find things out. When discussing topics with friends or at work it’s unlikely there will be a computer very far away – or at least some method of connecting to the internet.

So why is it when we’re chatting about things and when it gets to the point in every conversation when you’ve forgotten the actor/don’t know where it was set/can’t remember how many limbs she gets chopped off, I always try and think it out? It usually takes at least 30 seconds before the gears in my brain kick in and it’s remembered that the internet has all information ever. Yet constantly I follow the same pattern of discuss>forget>think for a while>remember internet exists.

Does this pattern of behaviour exist for those whose lives have been spent with the net all along? Do they still try and think it through with the fallible bag of urgency that is the human thought process? Or do they just – as they are used to doing – go on Google and find out straight away?

Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of answer I can Google for.

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