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New phone time! (in four months)

Four months until my mobile contract runs out means it’s about time to start thinking about the possibility of (at some point) maybe getting an upgrade. Even though I can’t do it for four months. What this means is it’s time to peruse the O2 website, taking in all the phoney delights they have to offer* and generally getting confused about what the hell is going on these days.

At one point I had a faint grasp on what phone is good and what phone is shit, but these days all I know is that the iPhone is quite good. I know that, and I know that if I were to get one I would become a twat who talks about it all the time. This puts me off. I have no idea about HTCs, Nokia Nsomethings or anything else, to the point where it makes me sound like a doddering old fart.

I can take a Dual Shock 3 to pieces and put it back together with my eyes closed, mind you**.

No, I think I’ll probably spend a few months casually browsing the O2 shop, looking at the pretty phones, fearing I’d break the screen of a big-screened one with my fat arse and eventually deciding on the best option after weighing up all the pros and cons. I’ll have the perfect phone for my needs, it will be newer than my Nokia 6500c and it will have more features. Oh, and it won’t break the bank.

I’ll do all that, then I’ll just take the £100 account credit instead, so I don’t have to pay my bills for a few months. Sod getting a new phone – I barely use the thing anyway.

*Phone-y, not phoney as in false. As that would be rather daft, do you not think? I kind of like O2, they’re not phoney. Apart from the time they tried to screw me over for a contract I didn’t even have. But that’s all in the past, and no money changed hands. It’s all good. It’s allllll good.

**Though only if my eyes are open.


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iPads and some wankers who own them

Sitting across from us on the train today were two men – casual business types, tucked in shirts with jeans and shoes. You know the kind. They were discussing businessy things in an affable manner. It was the kind of thing I normally wouldn’t pay attention to, were it not for the fact that both of them were boasting about their fucking iPad cases. Not only that, but one of the men was demonstrating to the other a few iPad features in a video on his Macbook, while they both caressed their own iPads and one of them texted on his iPhone. I’m not joking. I have a photo on my phone, but I can’t find the cable I need to transfer it (pesky limited technology, if only there were some easy-to-use system possibly involving wifi or 3G I could use on some kind of phone-like object in order to transfer the file easily…).

I find it hilarious and reasonably infuriating that these utter dickheads managed to steal some of my attention away from 30 Rock on the way home. How they could be such oblivious, unbelievable twats I do not know.

But then I think – “I’m in the business of videogames, I tend to sit on the train with workmates chatting about videogames, often while playing videogames. Therefore I am just as bad as these people.”

But then I think: “Nah”, because I don’t opt to play on the PSP in public just to show the surrounding plebs how big my swingin’ cod is. And all is right in the world again.

(Shite entry, sorry. Think I’ve got quiche poisoning)


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