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Ruining TV, one show at a time

Here follows an important public service announcement. You would do well to pay close attention to this PSA. Your very soul may depend on it. Either that or half an hour of your enjoyment could be ruined. Anyway.

The last series of Scrubs starts on British TV this week (I think). E4, I believe. If you like Scrubs, like I do (schmaltz is good sometimes) then you may well want to steer well clear of this. If you value your sanity in any way then just avoid it. It’s really, really shit. You may not have liked it before – it is an easy target to dislike – but now you’d really fucking hate it. If you did like it – even though it is an easy target to dislike – this will kill it for you.

At this point I intended to go into some detail as to exactly why it’s shit, but I can’t concentrate or be bothered. It’s too painful. Or something. Rest easy in the knowledge that if I’d bothered to write it it would have been the very best paragraph of this entry – if not the very best of this whole week. Maybe even ever. Who knows? Not me, because I’m not writing it. Anyway.

I am basing this entirely on seeing one episode, I should point out, but I think the judgement is entirely valid. Mainly because I’m always right, but also because it’s clear for all to see from one episode that the whole formula has been shat in. The series has needed to die off for quite a few years now, but it didn’t deserve to go out like this.



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Here comes a deep and insightful opinion on Big Brother!

This was the last year for Big Brother, that TV thing that started off as quite an interesting idea and soon devolved into the maniacal wank-fest that it was over the last few years. I’ve managed to get through this year without seeing a single second of the godawful thing, which makes me very happy, and very proud.

What the fuck do you mean it’s still going on? Ultimate what what? Oh god.

So it would appear, as it’s the last series eveerrrr (it’ll be back in less than five years, I reckon) Channel 4 are pulling out all the stops to keep people watching. First of all by extending it for however long they’re extending it for (I don’t know how long this is, and I’m not checking. Screw you), then by bringing in John McCricirkckkiriskckzzk.

Well blow me down, if that isn’t just the perfect recipe for a slice of delicious TV Pie I Want To Watch (And Eat). Ohnowait. It’s exactly the kind of thing that makes me glad I rarely bother with TV, as I would likely rather have a limb chopped off than watch that utter gash.

I can’t take some arrogant high road though, as I have indeed watched a bit of Big Brother in my past. I watched the series with Kate thingy in it, I caught the latter part of the series where that horrible fat thing put a bottle up herself and I saw it the other year – mainly because I was forced by the Evil Taskmasters at hecklerspray to write about it. The series with that ginger twat in it, whose name I’ve forgotten.

Anyway, there’s no payoff here. I don’t like Big Brother, I’m not really shocked it’s still going on, I’m not going to watch it. Revelatiooooooon.

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