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Is this vest the best vest… yest

Today, for the first time in my life, I wore a vest. It has changed my outlook on many things.

Some background: it was for a fancy dress work party, where we went as school kids. So I wore a vest, as we were doing sports day, and I intended to do pants and vest. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pants suitably small yesterday, so it was just rolled up trousers and vest.

Here are four things I was told I look like:

  1. John Mclane
    This is brilliant, because it’s Die Hard and Die Hard is one of the best things ever. Me looking like Die Hard makes me happy. Next time I want to be told I look like Predator though. The film, not the actual predator.
  2. Don Draper
    Doesn’t need many words beyond: yes, I want to be him. Obviously. Who doesn’t? Only soulless freaks, that’s who.
  3. A 1920s strong man
    Obviously this was the most common lookalike thrown my way, because I’m well muscular and my biceps often get mistaken for cannonballs. And I have a handlebar moustache, or something. Shame I’m really weak.
  4. A navvie
    Admittedly I was the only person who said this, but that’s fine because it’s always good to bring navvies into any conversation.

Anyway, I’m sure photos will surface at some point. Also we lost at sports day – usual fare, mid-table obscurity. Good enough not to come last, not good enough to excel. STORY OF MY LIFE BOO HOO.

Birthday drinks now, ta ta.

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