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Read and hear my children’s book. No, seriously.

I’ve been whoring this around Facebook and Twitter today, and this place absolutely will not escape from the same punishment. See, I have written a kids’ picture book – as  I have mentioned before – and it was picked for inclusion in this month’s entries on Smories. Even though it doesn’t have pictures yet.

Clicky here to see/hear the story as read by a tiny child who struggles to read it. However, I definitely saw her laugh at one point and she says the word “noggin” with gusto, so it’s not exactly a terrible performance. You can give me feedback too, if you want. Don’t expect me to listen if it’s negative though. BAM.

Even if you don’t care about watching/listening to the thing they don’t worry. A click would still be appreciated, though, as if I get loads of people viewing the page then I get a prize. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

I’ll probably not advertise anymore, especially after you all tell me this is terrible, stupid and easy for any talentless hack to do. SOZ.

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