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The liberal checklist

If you think people should be totally free to own any and all guns, you are a fucking idiot and possibly a nutcase.

If you think abortions should be illegal and are in any way ‘immoral’, you are a fucking idiot and should go away and shut up – though not necessarily in that order.

If you are an adult with an IQ over 100 and still believe fully in an organised religion of god above in whatever form(s) and all that jazz, you are a fucking idiot and I probably shouldn’t talk to you anymore.

If you don’t believe in climate change, you are a fucking idiot and GO AND READ A BOOK IT MIGHT HELP.

If you believe marriage can only ever be between two people of the opposite sex, you are a fucking idiot and will you marry me?

There are more things, I know, I just can’t be arsed writing them. It’s a basic liberal checklist is all, but I’ve sort of had enough with placating people with notions of ‘let them get on with it’. I’m not saying I’m going to attack people for holding any of these beliefs, nor am I going to stop speaking to people who hold any of these beliefs true to their heart.

I think I’ve just had enough of being so understanding and kind to those around me. I’d opt for the usual ‘who cares?’ stuff, but the fact of the matter is it pisses me off.

This is aimless shit, by the way, and it’s entirely brought on by the internet. I don’t think anybody I know in real life has said any of these things to me, at least not recently. Ho hum. It’s too warm to concentrate.

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