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PC Fest

I am now torn. Torn between three things that I can do, but can only really do one of them. Of the three. Let’s add an extra one thing to this, that being a fourth thing that I can do and have to do regardless, and that fourth thing will be ‘re-write this intro so it makes sense’.

Okay. Try again.

I have two things I can be saving up for right now, and it’s a case of one or the other. On one hand, it’s the roughly £1,000 necessary to go to Gainesville, Florida and attend The Fest in late October. This would be with friends, it would be over a week-and-a-bit, it would be absolutely brilliant.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s something I feel the need to do this year, as spurred on by actually starting to Do Things again this year after some time convalescing/being a twat.

The second option, which would also cost roughly £1,000, is to purchase a new PC. Now normally this is a vanity thing or because, like in 2007, I wanted to play Supreme Commander (and admittedly part of the reason is because I want to play Starcraft II and Diablo III on super-high settings), but it also has foundations in legitimacy.

I do a lot of work on my PC and upgrading it to a higher standard, allowing me to use a keyboard that isn’t half-broken and edit videos in less than four weeks per minute modified would be excellent. This hardy little bastard is still capable, but I’d rather give it a classy retirement than wait for it to take its last breath before unceremoniously cannibalising it and shipping the piece out to needy kids/making jewellery out of it.

Safe to say, both of these options have their merits and both are necessary – though for wildly different reasons. My funding being as it is, I can only realistically go for one or the other. Attending The Fest would mean saving for a further god-knows-how-many months for a PC, while getting a PC would mean not having enough time to re-save for Florida.

It’s a pickle made all the more vinegary by the fact the third, and probably most sensible, option exists: to simply not spend the money I save. To, you know, save it.

But nah, that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be one of the first two. Unless someone wants to buy me a badass PC for my birthday in two months.

**This Self-Indulgent Post Brought To You By Self-Indulgence**

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The Vita kickstarter experiment

Right, I need to get me a PS Vita. I didn’t get one on launch day and it’s the first time I’ve missed a console launch in forever (or: about 12 years). As such my nerd-cred has taken a pounding, as well as the fact that I do not have Everybody’s Golf.

I have to restate that just to try and put across how much this wounds me: I. Do. Not. Have. Everybody’s. Golf.

Shameful. Shocking. Shitty. This has to be remedied.

Unfortunately things cost money. Fortunately I can make money appear by either selling things or doing things. As such I am going to sell things and offer my services to the world as a whole in order to make more money to be able to buy one.

Note: I am not being a whore. I would make too much money doing that, after all.

Services rendered are as follows:

Snarky comment
I will provide you with one (1) snarky comment a day for a total of seven (7) days. You are free to use this comment as you see fit – probably to fling at someone in an insulting, derisive fashion. PRICE: £25

I will post you some chips. I might have eaten some, some might not have been cooked, some might be in their original form (“potato”). Second class post. PRICE: £34

I will write a blog about you, and even do you a special treat in the shape of a photoshopped image of you. Well, probably of me as that’s easier to do. You have no (0) say in what the blog is about, bar the fact you’ll be featured. PRICE: £250

I don’t know. Chicks dig hammers, right? PRICE: £4

Something from my room
I have a lot of shit in my room, as well as some alright stuff. I will pick one bit of shit at “random” (it won’t be random) and send it to you. You “will” be pleased (you won’t). PRICE: £95

I think that’s a fair number of exciting services, and I’m sure I’ll have enough for a Vita within the next couple of hours. It’s like Kickstarter, only better.

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Yeah, I just don’t get it

I am constantly amazed by the ability for people to be drawn in by what they are told to be true. I work in games, whatever that means, and there’s a lot of shit in it. I mean, a lot.

Naturally none of it matters in the real world, but it doesn’t stop people – myself included – from getting worked up about it. Mainly because we’re all a bunch of pathetic nerds who really should get a grip and realise there are more important things in the world to rant about*.

Anyway, arguing is great and all that – especially on the internet where everyone is fair and focused and mature and listens and all that. But there’s some things I just don’t get, and in gaming they really hit hard.

People, like you or I, are told things by publishers. Publishers are out to make money from people like you or I. Yet people, like you or I, take what these publishers say at face value as 100% true. I won’t go into the details as I’ll end up ranting, but it basically involves ‘we want more money, let’s extort our customers’, then telling said customers it’s for their own good.

Yet when you call out publishers on this bullshit, who comes to their defence? The people being shafted by them. It’s a brilliant system, and reminds me a lot of politics – tell the people what you want them to believe until they start believing it. Simple, effective, fucking annoying.

Anyway, yeah, back to sorting out the real ills in this world. That, or getting a yoghurt.

*That’s actually bollocks. While there are many things more important, that doesn’t discount people from getting worked up about problems with/in/around gaming. Just because you whine about one thing doesn’t preclude you from whining about another. Life 101 for you there. Just because I’m complaining about online passes doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit about starving kids. I am aware of perspective. I am also aware of the ability to have opinions on more than one thing at once. Crazy, I know. Sigh.


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Constant money knowledge: constantly annoying

I’m never sure if being able to check my bank balance pretty much wherever I am, with the figures usually (almost, but not quite) up to date, is a good thing or not.

Obviously it’s terrible that I have the access, because if I didn’t have the access then I wouldn’t have online banking, and if I didn’t have online banking I wouldn’t have these perceived security threats the banks and newspapers keep telling me about. Without those threats I wouldn’t have to have my bank take precautionary measures on my behalf, and without them having to take these measures I wouldn’t have to have that bloody godawful secure key thing.

So obviously it’s terrible. But that’s not the point I was getting at.

No, I don’t know if it’s good or not knowing up to date details as it makes things go one of two ways. On one hand, knowing how little I have left reminds me to not spend as much, to pay attention to what I have and to economise wherever possible. These are all good, necessary things and that’s all well good and shit, like.

On the other hand, it’s bad. Why? Well, knowing precisely how much I have at any given time means that I know exactly how much I can get away with spending at any one time. Rather than seeing I have £some for the rest of the month and deciding to hold on to as much as possible, I have been known to work out how much of that £some I can get away with spending before the figure reads £notsome.

Double edged sword, and all that. I just wish they’d abandon money, which is why I’m glad those heroic anti-capitalist warriors are taking to the streets and destroying the world of commerce as we know it*.

*Not entirely serious, in case you needed to be told this you humourless fuckwit.

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I think it’s about time that I have a ritual cleansing of all the shit I have. And by that I don’t mean I’m actually going to clean my flat for once. That shit would be nonsensical, yo. Nor do I mean ‘I have no money so I need to sell another 25% of the stuff I own’, though that is actually true and is part of the reason for this… well, not decision, but this ‘thinking’.

Thought. Whatever.

I have a lot of shit I do not use, I do not really have any need for and that I do not actually want, but I keep it all around. Hoarding is the phrase, I suppose, though that conjures up images of those horrible semi-people off those shows about disgusting houses. I’m not that bad. I do have a lot of shit though.

But there’s so much of it I honestly don’t want to get rid of, even though I rarely if ever use it. The couple of hundred DVDs? I might want to watch one one day – it does happen. Same with the games I haven’t even looked at in a year. The unworn clothes? There might come a time when I need a thermal undershirt, or a pair of shorts that still have the tags on them even though I bought them in 2006.

Christ, I’ve even kept hold of the boxes for things like my phone, iPad and 3DS. Though that’s probably more the CEX conditioning kicking in – they’re worth more with boxes, after all.

I do think I need to blitz it though. Rid of the DVDs. Rid of the games. Rid of the books. Rid of the clothes. Rid of the miscellaneous I can’t think of.

Obviously I want to sell it all. I’m not completely mad. Money would be nice, too.


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Ian’s 2011/12 budget

Right, starting next week I’m going to budget properly. Or something. Like an adult. I’m two months shy of my 28th birthday and I still have all the financial awareness of a whelk that’s particularly poor with its cash. Debts are annoying and not getting smaller, but as it’s my own fault I should make an official list on weekly/monthly expenses. Let’s see…

Underpants: £23 per month

Beef: £45 per week

More underpants: £13 per month

Bus pass: £nothing, I walk bitches

Bus pass: £52 per month, I changed my mind

Yet more underpants: £34 per week

Essentials (Haribo, rum etc): £400 per month

Rent, bills etc: £can’t be arsed paying them anymore

Amount I’m not taking this seriously: £lots

With this plan, I will be able to save about £2.34 a week. In just a matter of one or two months I will have enough to pay off all of my monumental debts. Don’t doubt me on this – I got a B at GCSE maths.

Then again, I might just not bother and live just above the bread line for the rest of my life. My own doing it be, my own complaining it be – I just needed something quick to write about and this is what was on my mind.

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Vegas baby!

I want to go to Las Vegas. I think that my gambling problem, which I clearly do have, would be a lot different over there. Rather than getting caught up in the madness and throwing all of my cash (which I don’t actually have) down the greedy gullets of the casinos (which definitely aren’t run by the mob) I think my inherent Yorkshireness would take over.

“How much?!” it would say, as I approached a table. “You can’t spend much, you need to save some for a rainy day” it would add as I consider trading in everything I own for a few more chips. “Don’t bet more than $1 a hand, otherwise you won’t have enough for PIES later on,” it’ll throw in just to remind me that I’m a fat bastard who likes pies.

I think it would be a more interesting trip from the perspective that I would appear to be a dodgy bastard to any and all pit bosses across Nevada. I don’t only  get nervous when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be – I get nervous when I’m near someone in authority who stops people from doing things they shouldn’t be, even when I’m not even considering doing things I am not supposed to be doing. Ya dig?

I would fully expect to be ejected from multiple casinos for being some kind of cheat, thief or rapist just for sitting at a table trying to act like I’m minding my own business (when in reality I’m actually just trying to mind my own business). Ejections ala the head-first bloke on Casino spring to mind.

I probably wouldn’t even get any free drinks.

Yeah, I think Vegas would be a great trip to go on. Someone sort it out for me – I can’t afford it right now. Gambled all my money away. I mean… umm…

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