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Use the internet? YOU ARE WELL SAD

I can’t remember how this came about, which removes some of the Fun Discovery Factor from this entry, but the sentence was languishing in my drafts, waiting to be written up. “People my age/younger still have that “cool” thing about not being able to use the internets. MORONS,” it said. And it is very true.

I have mentioned the whole ‘not had the internet all my life’ thing before, and as a result of that people of my age are in a situation where they got into the whole web thing later. Later even than I. Or some haven’t even got into it properly, for whatever reason – I don’t judge, nor do I demand people use the nets all the time.

What I cannot get on board with is the morons who will snort derisively at the fact you use the internet for more than an hour a day, and for more than just football/celebrity news (though they are now interchangeable. SATIRE). You use the internet? HAH SADDO WHAT A NERDY LOSER.

Now I’ll admit I’m not the most social of butterflies, and will gladly sit indoors on a sunny day perusing amusing videos of cats falling off things, so I am a SADDO NERDY LOSER. But these unnamed people who I cannot provide an example of right now (but who do exist) seem to believe that any use of any computer for an extended period is tantamount to getting Captain Kirk’s face tattooed on your face in order to make you look like Captain Kirk.

I’d pity them for not realising the internet is a wonderful tool – or at least can be. You can learn, find lost memories from your past, connect with those you haven’t spoken to in years, look at pictures of bare ladies and watch videos of more cats falling off more things. To make a character judgement based on such a thing as the use of an incredibly widely-used infrastructure of information (and cat videos) is… stupid. Basically.

Ohhhh, I’ve just remembered who these people were: ones from my home town. That explains a lot.

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Stupid, stupid people

The death of Raoul Moat blah blah, etc. It has brought out the absolute worst comment from someone I have ever read. Now this may be taken out of context, it may have been a joke, an aside, not indicative of the actual meaning of what was being said (“irony”, you could call it). What am I talking about? Why, the comments of one Theresa Bystram, mother of three and lady who attended Moat’s funeral wearing a Chelsea FC shirt. These comments:

“I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to pay my respects. He kept them coppers on the run all that time. Fair enough people died but they must have deserved it.”

I feel it’s only fair to point out here, as in this story where I got the quote from, that she didn’t know the dead bouncer in question. She just travelled halfway across the country to attend his funeral and spout off to the media about how he’s a hero. The same media who are 99 per cent to blame for the fact that idiots like this think this dead prat are heroes.

I do like the logic on show here – some people died, therefore they must have deserved it. if that’s not the logic of a TV-watcher then I don’t know what is. Though surely she understands the contradiction that could be inferred if you were to point out that Moat died, and therefore surely – by her logic – must have deserved it? Just sayin’.

Here’s one thing I find interesting: we live in a world where a man is fined real money for making a (poor) joke about blowing up an airport. Yet we live in a world where some fat moron can say another fat moron was right to hate cops, to kill one person and hurt a couple of others and it’s just ignored. That’s at least a £20 fine, surely?


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