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I get the feeling I should probably do more stuff in this area. I mean, we’ve got some great places nearby and I just don’t even think about going there, seeing them or whatever else. The New Forest looks ace for a wander, but I’ve never bothered with it. Maybe I need to get a dog to make that worthwhile.

Then there’s all the sea shit (that’s what it’s known as officially) where you get to go on boats and look at dinosaurs and shit (also what it’s known as officially). On the other hand, I am comfortable sitting all the time, and I often have to spend most of my spare time freelancing to make it so I earn enough to buy NOSH each month. But back to the first hand: it’s dumb. Should do things.

I’ve never even been fishing properly. Who wants to go fishing? Not to catch, kill and cook – just to get fish and put it back. Or just to have some beers on a boat for a while. Who wants to go to the New Forest for some reason or another? Not to catch, kill and cook – just to make deer and horses drink beer then to put them on a boat for a while. It makes sense, clearly.

The main two problems are that I don’t have a dog – having dogs makes you want to go more places, or something. LOGIC. Also I can’t drive. Someone who can needs to get involved. Get involved.

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