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I am very tempted indeed right now. I have the chance to pick up a few rather awesome PC bits for a stupidly cheap price, which would put me right on the path to getting myself a new rig. The unused (by me) painting gear can get tae fuck if I get a new desktop PC in my room, as that badboy will needs its space so I can rock out with my… nerdlinger out.

One problem: when I say ‘stupidly cheap price’ I mean ‘for the bits on offer’. What this means, in plain English, is it’s still clocking in at around the £350 mark, and this isn’t even taking into account the other bits I’ll need to get to make a full PC. On one hand I would be insane to overlook this chance, as my laptop is clearly on a downward spiral (THE FUCKING ‘G’ KEY BARELY WORKS*) and I would be looking for a replacement of this kind of spec anyway and I’m never going to get it this cheap anywhere else.

On the other hand I find it hard to justify that kind of spend. I simply don’t have very much money, and while in theory I could spaff that much up the wall on these bits, in practice it would mean I wouldn’t be eating much for the rest of the month. Hmm.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and raise funds through Paypal again. You lot weren’t exactly receptive to that last time with your whining of ‘ohhh, the minimum donation is set to £1,000’. Well of course it was – how would I raise any real money otherwise with your pathetic four pence donations? Morons.

Theoretically the rig could pay for itself, as it would mean I’m able to review more, newer PC games. Hmm. This is basically an extended Twitter post/Facebook status, as you’ve all noticed by now. There’s little to laugh at here and much for many of you to not care about.

I’ll tally the votes: yay or nay. You don’t even have to really care about any of this and you can still CHANGE MY LIFE (or not).

*Among other, what most would consider more serious, issues.

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