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Good causes through new noises

It is something like a new year, or something, according to the world around me where everybody keeps saying things like “did you know it is ‘the new year’?” and “I have been lead to believe by Ian Dransfield’s claims that it is ‘the new year’ that it is ‘the new year’”. Son of a copper – nothing gets past me. Anyway, this means things like people taking up ridiculous promises they will never carry through to their finish – like lots more people joining in for a refreshed run of One A Day blogs. Hopefully more people will be able to get through to the end this time around – there’s more of us starting anyway, so numbers are on our side.

Then there’s the fact that this time around the rules have changed. Despite the name, you’re now free to blog just about whenever you please, so long as there’s a defined routine to it – once a day, a week, a month – whatever. Then there’s the fact that there’s charity involved – something talked about last year, something implemented this year. You don’t even have to donate money – though you can, by giving to Cancer Research here. No, you can just click through a few adverts and surveys to ‘buy’ counselling time for the To Write Love On Her Arms suicide helpline. If you don’t at least give some minutes to that charity then you’re clearly a shit person. Just sayin. I’ll find a way to put both links on here, but for now look at the One A Day site for the links.

Oh, it also links to the blogs of people participating, including a few friends I’ve badgered into doing it. Though ANNA hasn’t done hers yet. Basically, you have a long list on the right-hand side of blogs that may well just interest you. They might not. They might be better than mine. They might be execrable. Whatever they are, it’s people exercising their creative gland for their own benefit and the benefit of a couple of worthy charities. I’d say that’s reason enough to be smug in the new year.

Ah, smugness.

Oh, and it’s not too late to start your own. I’d say one blog a week – 52 in a year – is so easy it’s almost as if you’re not doing anything. So try doing it.

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The mega end of year thing where I do a half-arsed “funny” list

Phew – thank Thor 2010 is over. It had outstayed its welcome truth be told, and if I’m being extra mean I would add that it had developed a bit of a stale, almost rotten smell. Something like bad beans. You know the type.

Having said all that, 2010 did have its moments. Though most of them were stupid, rubbish and pointless. Still, it had enough things that I can make a list of the best events of 2010, from a few categories I’m about to come up with off the top of my head. LIST: GO!

Best blog: Everyone who did #oneaday beyond, like, a month. Though mine is obviously, naturally the best.

Best ultimate review of the year (7/10): Obviously the official answer has to be ‘all of them’. But to make this at least a little more interesting, I’m going to throw in my personal choice: I’d have to go with ‘all of them’, as ‘all of them’ is the bestest. 7/10

Best would-be Eurovision Song Contest winner of the year: Ian Dransfield.

Game of the year: For what it attempted, what it did and the fact that it was a hell of a lot better than most fucking morons on the internet would have you believe, Heavy Rain. But for the ‘I had a shitload of fun from start to finish, though it did nothing actually new’, I’d go with Bayonetta.

Best stuff I did this year: Went to three countries I’d never been to before (and really wanted to go to anyway, and four if you’ll allow me Switzerland from Christmas 2009), didn’t get sacked, managed to be even more boring than I have ever been before, paid off a credit card and got rid of a loan, some other pointless shit.

Worst stuff I did this year: Remained 300 miles away from Anna for most of it. Nothing else comes close to being as shitty as that, even the act of killing five people. Ahem.

Stupid thing I decided to do of the year: Keep doing One A Day next year, beyond the finish date.

I am far too tired to think of anything funny or clever here, so I’m leaving it there. Hope your 2010 wasn’t as shit as it probably might have maybe been. And that 2011 is like twenty elevens, all curled up around your feet, farting gently.


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Schooool’s (“work’s”) out for summer (“winter”)

I finished work today, at least until early January. It’s weird that even at my old, old age the process of having a last day for a while still conjures up the exact same feelings I had when similar situations would arise at school.

It’s nothing mental, weird or even major in any real way, it’s just that strange feeling at the back of my mind that I associate very deeply with breaking up for whatever holiday at school. I feel I should go around and say goodbye to everyone, wish them happy whatevers and some other platitudes. But then when it comes to it, I just don’t bother. It isn’t out of rudeness – at least not intentionally – it’s just I either forget or my brain asks ‘what’s the point?’ so much I just cave and listen to the squelchy mushball. Exactly what always happened at school and exactly what happens at work too.

Weirdly, I never had these issues in my mind when at uni, but that’s probably down to the fact we always went out. So we’d just go out again, only this time claim it was to say our goodbyes. In fact, I remember a time where a male friend broke down in tears because we were going home for the summer. Definitely wasn’t me. No, really, it wasn’t.

Seriously though – it wasn’t.

I have a headache, so this is a short one today. Also I Tweeted something about a Frankie Boyle-based entry today, but I can’t be bothered thinking about him. It angers the blood. Though not because he made a joke about Jordan’s kid.

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