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Ya just don’t get it, do ya?

Some shows I have never got. That needs to be in italics or you might assume I mean ‘got’ as in purchased (or less-than-legally downloaded). No, I mean got as in ‘understand’, ‘fathom’ or ‘comprehend’.

The Big Bang Theory is one such example. I believe it was young Benjamin who posted something, somewhere, along these lines the other day:

It just doesn’t make me laugh. I feel I should love it as AHHAHAHA I AM A NERD TOO also I like laughing, but I do not. I sit there, stony-faced and annoyed. Like PhoneShop, which I watched a single episode of over Christmas and which made me smirk possibly twice.

And Everybody Loves Raymond, and Two And A Half Men and and and…

I did fear for a short amount of time that Community might fall into this realm. I liked the first series, but I didn’t find it life-changingly funny which, according to everyone who had seen it, was the sort of place it should occupy in any comedy-loving human’s mind.

Then I watched the second series and realised all was right in the world. It’s absolutely brilliant, by the way. Must remember to watch the rest. Alison Brie.

Alison Brie.



Where am I?

I suppose what I’m trying to say here is those shows I don’t ‘get’ are actually just unfunny shit and you shouldn’t watch them. Unless I hate you, in which case: go wild.

And so begins year three. The year where, even though I don’t think it’s amazing, I still won’t count Curb in this list.

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T’would appear all of the comedy has been stolen from this entry. Darn.

Dear The World,

I am going out in a bit, but as my landlord ignored my request for a key to my room* I cannot lock my door. While there is a locked front and back door to the main attraction known as ‘the rest of the house’, it would still prove pretty easy to breach the defences of my room once these hurdles have been overcome. As such, I have one simple request to make: please don’t take my stuff.

I’ve just looked around and realised how much shit I have of value within just a metre or two of where I’m sat. It’s a reasonable amount, even when taking into consideration how much value my iPad has lost since the Absolutely Necessary Hardware Revision 2.0 came out (also: since I’ve touched it with my gammon-fingers).

I don’t really have any deep, meaningful connection with this load of stuff. I just don’t want to go through the hassle of having to re-get it, or having to hunt you down and beat you to death with your own shoes. In essence, I’m asking you don’t steal from me for your own good.

To be fair if it does go I’ll not be all that unhappy. It can be replaced, after all, and people will be sympathetic towards me WHICH IS ALWAYS FUN. All I’m really bothered about is my work and photos – so leave the laptop, or at least take out the hard drive and leave that instead. Deal? Deal.

Yours eternally,

*Admittedly I only asked him once, a year ago.


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