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Ian’s wishlist, November 2010

I’ve had a day of wanting new things today, mainly fuelled by the fact I’ve been lazing around doing fuck all in spectacular fashion. Though I did have an awesome sandwich, thanks to THE LOVELY WOMAN. But yes, the act of Not Doing Much is deeply conductive to the state whereby I simply browse the internet, looking at fings wot I want. Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas (it isn’t) and you all want to buy me things (you don’t), here’s a list of the things I have decided I will buy today. It is not interesting, nor is it in any way surprising.

Asus EEE PC 1215N: I love Tiny Laptop, I really do. But at the same time I find its resolution settings restrictive, in that I can’t play things that need more than 600 pixels of screen depth. Most old games are fine, but there are some less-than-old-games that just don’t work out for me, and this annoys. I’m looking at you, GalCiv2. It is £429 though, and that’s far more than I earn in a year.

Desktop PC: Yes, as well as a new Tiny Laptop. One is for work (gaming on the go), the other is for work (gaming at home). I think it’s about time Big Laptop was retired, and I think I want to go back to the world of desktops. This is another £800-900 investment to be made. So that’s two years’ salary.

A second Xbox 360: I want to be able to play debug code for games at home, and I know I’ll never get sent a debug console by MicroSoft. Hence, I want a second 360 that I can flash. Bam: semi-pointless waste of about £100, total.

A second PS3: see above reasoning, only replacing flashing with ‘jailbreaking’. Unfortunately it seems quite hard to get hold of a PS3 – even a broken one to be fixed up – for anything approaching the super-cheap prices I am willing to pay. So there’s another £100 minimum.

This book: though admittedly this is for Anna, not I.

See? Isn’t that just a thrilling not-quite-Christmas list? I’ll provide my address to whoever it is that wants to splurge £1500+ on me. Eight years’ wages.

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Why I don’t need an iPad (formerly: “Why I love my NC10”)

Put simply, my purchase of a Samsung NC10 a few months ago may well rank as one of – if not the – best purchases I’ve ever made. For those unaware – and who actually care – it’s a tiny laptop, 10.1” screen, Windows blah blah blah. Basically it weighs nothing, is small and can play lots of games/serve as something I can do work on/play movies/look at por… the internet. It was purchased on a whim and has turned out to be one of the better things I’ve bought. Way better than the ‘used three times’ protective bag I bought for my big laptop or the ‘really a bit too big’ massive dictionary I bought on a whim.

Aside from its wonderful functionality, the fact that I can write, watch movies or play games like Syndicate, Planescape Torment, KOTOR and other such treats on the train is one thing, but the fact it only cost me £160 is something that makes me exceedingly happy, as that turns it from a sensible purchase into an out-and-out bargain.

Did I mention it’s really tiny? It is. Even a child could carry it, though I wouldn’t trust them to not drop it, the little bastards.

The purchase of the NC10 has meant my PSP has had most of its usefulness trumped, this much I have to admit, as I now have ten inches to play with on the train rather than the four I had to struggle with for so long. A sad, but necessary evolution in my journeying.

(I should point out that if there isn’t a plug socket around I tend to be boned, as the battery runs out in 3-4 hours. BALANCED REPORTING!)

I could very easily turn this into some bold claims of how I don’t feel the need to shout from the rooftops about my magical portable electronic beast, or try and substitute it for my penis, or even to rant about how it’s an investment of functionality over being a lifestyle choice like it would be if it were an iPad. But I won’t. Because for one, that would be slightly hypocritical as – however unglamorous it is – this post is still about how ace I am for having an NC10. And two, I just can’t be bothered. I really don’t care that much.

Anyway, long train journey next week – must make plans of what games to put on it.

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