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So this is number 730 – I have now done two lots of 365 blogs in a row. Commonly referred to as ‘two years’, working out at one per day, though admittedly not one every single day. Sometimes I forgot, sometimes I couldn’t be bothered, sometimes I was drunk and decided against the rambling idiocy that would come out.

Sometimes I still did blogs on those days, obviously.

Anyway, it’s been a year of all those things that make up a general year. Highs and lows, though mainly lows. It started out with a point where I was so utterly fucking crushed that I wrote some entries I genuinely cringe at after having re-read them. Still, it’s a document of how I felt, so I can’t argue with that.

Plus it pissed the ex off that I was airing things in public, so that’s always funny.

But I haven’t been honest all year. If I had, it would have been far more interesting a read but far more damaging to my finely-crafted image. You’d all stop thinking of me as the most perfect person alive, which I know you all do, and would instead see me for what I am – a fallible human that… ugh… makes mistakes.

But away from the personal side of things – and ignoring the fact I never wanted this to become an online diary (tried Livejournal; didn’t like it) – I also wrote some things that made me laugh. Yes, I am saying I made myself laugh. I am a walking ego, it seems. But if you can’t make yourself laugh, what’s the point in trying to make anyone laugh?

Well, I mean, for money. Yeah – I’d make shit jokes I hated if I got paid for it. Surely Michael Mcintyre can’t find that dirge he vomits out in the shape of words funny? Surely it’s just for the money? Surely.

I abandoned the photograph of my face as I simply couldn’t be bothered anymore. And while I do miss it, I’m not likely to bring it back any time soon. It’s just a tiny extra bit of hassle and believe me, I make it hard enough on myself to just put the words on a screen. Good golly have I made it hard on myself.

There have been times when I sat here for a solid 30-45 minutes, just staring at the screen. Nothing coming out. There have been times when I have got distracted and suddenly it’s 1am and I need to just put anything out there before going to bed. Sometimes I’ve completely forgotten what I’m on about halfway through a sentence and oh look a pony.

But that’s that. Two years of #oneaday blogs done after fully expecting to fail after two weeks. Not always good, not always terrible, sometimes brutally honest, oftentimes made up entirely of lies (“jokes”) – whatever they are, they’re out of my brain and in the world. Some of you might even have enjoyed them, and I got 33% more traffic this last 365 days than the days before, so it can’t be that shit.

Maybe it is. Maybe you’re just all idiots. Maybe I’ll shut up blathering on now.

What we all want to know, though, is this: can we (the royal we) carry this on? Can we keep it going for a third year running? Can we pass the 1,000 day-in-a-row mark?

Can we?


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Home straight, again

Turns out tomorrow sees me entering the final ten blogs I’m going to do. Probably. Well, it definitely enters the final ten of the second year, but I don’t know if I’m going to carry it on. Last year I was convinced I would end it as of 365 entries, but I decided to do a show of support to someone new and continue.

They lasted about three weeks, if that. Sigh.

But, as I am who I am, I said I’d do it for the year so I have done. It hasn’t been great. In fact, it’s been downright messy at times, and a lot more honest than I honestly intended it to be HO HO. Honest honest honest.

But I think it’s clear for all to see I’m a bit bored of doing these. There’s only been a few entries over the last collection of months that I’ve actually given a shit about enough to put effort or thought into. So I’m probably not going to carry on.

Then again, I don’t really know. I’m used to it, it’s part of my routine. I just think I need to do more fun things, or start caring about what happens in the world again, then I’d have something interesting to write about.

Or maybe I’ll just keep on doing it and keep on writing filler, last-minute nonsense like this. WHO KNOWS.

I think, actually, if I had some form of structure to it then I’d be far more inclined to keep it going. I might quit my job and write a single blog a day full time. WHO KNOWS.

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Fresh, half-baked post

It’s good to see that when a silly little project enters its second year, picks up more participants, is on the receiving end of better organisation, involves a couple of good causes and makes itself more welcoming (read: easier) for those who are incapable of its original goal it still gets slagged off by some sections.

Get a fucking grip.

I’m often dismissive and destructive in my opinions and actions towards people, places, things and other such stuff. But while I’m busy knocking things down (and not even noticing I’m doing it half the time, such is the ubiquity of my criticism), I am at least trying to bring something to the table. Be it a half-baked opinion, a bit of a rant, a kids book that took me a few hours to write (yet is something I have talked at people about for far longer), stupid irrelevant changes to my magazine or whatever else I have inevitably forgotten about. It’s something – it’s doing something, and as shit as it may be, as much as some may judge it irrelevant, pointless or just plain bad, in the words of Minor Threat: “at least I’m fucking trying”.

And yes, I do get off on self-righteously justifying my actions. I’ve done it many times before, I’ll do it many times… again.

Anyway, this was meant to be much longer and in-depth, measured and fair. But it isn’t because other things are taking precedence right now.


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Good causes through new noises

It is something like a new year, or something, according to the world around me where everybody keeps saying things like “did you know it is ‘the new year’?” and “I have been lead to believe by Ian Dransfield’s claims that it is ‘the new year’ that it is ‘the new year’”. Son of a copper – nothing gets past me. Anyway, this means things like people taking up ridiculous promises they will never carry through to their finish – like lots more people joining in for a refreshed run of One A Day blogs. Hopefully more people will be able to get through to the end this time around – there’s more of us starting anyway, so numbers are on our side.

Then there’s the fact that this time around the rules have changed. Despite the name, you’re now free to blog just about whenever you please, so long as there’s a defined routine to it – once a day, a week, a month – whatever. Then there’s the fact that there’s charity involved – something talked about last year, something implemented this year. You don’t even have to donate money – though you can, by giving to Cancer Research here. No, you can just click through a few adverts and surveys to ‘buy’ counselling time for the To Write Love On Her Arms suicide helpline. If you don’t at least give some minutes to that charity then you’re clearly a shit person. Just sayin. I’ll find a way to put both links on here, but for now look at the One A Day site for the links.

Oh, it also links to the blogs of people participating, including a few friends I’ve badgered into doing it. Though ANNA hasn’t done hers yet. Basically, you have a long list on the right-hand side of blogs that may well just interest you. They might not. They might be better than mine. They might be execrable. Whatever they are, it’s people exercising their creative gland for their own benefit and the benefit of a couple of worthy charities. I’d say that’s reason enough to be smug in the new year.

Ah, smugness.

Oh, and it’s not too late to start your own. I’d say one blog a week – 52 in a year – is so easy it’s almost as if you’re not doing anything. So try doing it.

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The final stretch, pretty much

We’re fast approaching the point where my 365 (mostly) consecutive entries will be up. This is number 345, meaning there are 20 to go. Less than three weeks. As you can still see on right-hand side of this page, I expected to get bored or annoyed with the One A Day thing after no time at all. I did, but I also carried on for a few reasons, probably the main one being that I do very little in my life and it’s good to have something to live for*. In that time I’ve grown somewhat as a writer – and as a fatty – and have learned some techniques I’m sure will stay with me forever. Like writing a 100-plus word intro that says nothing, for example.

Anyway, I’ve been asked a few times in recent days and weeks – both in real life and the Cyber Future World of the Information Superhighway – if I will be continuing on with this. Plus Pete blogged about that very thing today, so he acted as my inspiration. My answer has remained the same to everyone who has asked: I do not know.

Right now the most likely course of action is that I will blog as and when the need hits me. Unfortunately that’s the most dangerous way I can operate, as I am notoriously not-so-proactive. If I set myself no timeframe to work within, I will simply not bother doing it more often than not. I honestly don’t know if I’d be fine with that, which is weird. I’m so accustomed to churning out a few hundred words each day it feels wrong whenever I forget to do it, or can’t for whatever reason.

I could always set myself new goals – one a week, or one a month. But then I think there would be a burden of expectation on the average of 40-or-so readers I get every day. If I were in their shoes, I’d be expecting something actually good if the writer had more time to come up with it. Hmm.

There are other ways of doing it, I’m sure, and I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen a week into next year when I’ve finished my One A Day run. We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it, because for now I can pre-prepare the celebrations for actually finishing this thing. See – confidence! Who’da thunk it?

*Melodrama. I actually have about three things worth living for. One of them is this badass dressing gown.

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300th entry spectacular, or something

Seeing as I’m now up to 300 entries, it’s getting harder for me to (bother) pick(ing) out individual, stand-out (“less shit”) chunks of text that have come from my brain to your screen. Also I’m really tired. As such, I’m not just going to list entries from the past and coo over how wonderful I was in them. Instead I’m going to freestyle. Wax lyrical. Shoot shit. Talk bollocks.

When I began this endeavour around a week into January this year, I honestly thought I’d manage a week – two weeks tops – before either forgetting entirely or deciding I just couldn’t be bothered. You can see on the right hand side here where it says “it will inevitably fail”. This wasn’t my usual overly-pessimistic ways shining through – it was just fact, as far as I could see it.

But here we are, 10 months later and not much wiser, still going strong(ish) and only really repeating myself once. The other day when I wrote a blog, realised I’d done something very similar before then couldn’t be bothered changing it, in case you were wondering. I’m going to dare to have some positivity here for once: I am impressed with myself for keeping it up (bwaay!) so long (bwaaaaaaay!).

I am exceptionally lazy. I cannot be bothered doing the simplest of things – instead much more likely to take the easiest of options. Namely, to sit in my pants playing games. The fact that I have bothered to write something almost every day actually impresses me. At the same time, it does tend to dominate my mind at times, and my once-boisterous nature about the whole thing has been ratcheted down a few notches. I know life gets in the way of such frivolities as this. Fortunately I don’t have a life, so it’s been dangerously close to being easy for me to keep this going.

You never know, I might decide I like doing things like “going outside” or “talking to real people” in the coming 65 days, and that might kill off my chances of finishing with a flourish. But right now, I doubt it. One a day isn’t just something I do now – it’s habit. I have a genuine feeling in my gut that bubbles up whenever I haven’t completed the day’s entry, and I get genuine pleasure from finishing my wall of a few hundred words – even if it’s a bag of shite. Like this.

Only 65 to go. Bring it on. Will I continue when the year is up? Who knows. I’d bet on no, though. Also this is actually my 301st entry. I just forgot to do it yesterday.


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Leaving on a jet plane again


I will be out of the country for a few days on business. Haha, business. I’m going to Summerslam. As this is the case, I am not sure if I will be able to keep up on the daily updates thing. There will be free time and I assume they have some spare internet going in Los Angeles, but I think it’s safer to assume I may fail for a few days.

Rest assured, however, the updates will be made in full and in good time on my return. Should I miss any in the first place, that is. I managed okay last time around, after all. Though that was mainly motivated by the amazing pulled pork sandwich I had, which I still have erotic dreams about to this day.

As I am well beyond the halfway mark now it would be foolish to simply let myself slack off, so please note that even if I don’t manage to get my updates in every day it’s not through lack of trying. I will try to pull myself away from whatever it is we’re going to do over there to give you 300 or so words that lose their focus 100 in and never recover. I won’t, however, try and include a hilarious image like normal, as my tiny laptop simply can’t handle the concept of… umm… I’m trying to stretch this lie out and it’s not working.

I am hungry, so I think I will have scrambled egg now. Or some other form of egg. That’s ‘now’ as in last night to you people reading this now now, as ‘now’ for me is when I was writin… I mean ‘dictating’ this statement. But not reading it. Oh no, I wouldn’t waste my time reading it.

So long, suckers!

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