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Picnics: boring, or misunderstood? (Clue: “boring”)

So picnics then, eh? What are they all about? Are they about starting a blog with the kind of set up Jerry Seinfeld might use? It looks like it, so far. But aside from that, what purpose do they serve? Today we went to Chorlton Water Park and sat around on a sheet in some grass, drinking and eating food. Don’t get me wrong, this was fine – it was ‘nice’, as some might say. But it was a little bit boring, all things considered.

I am good at keeping myself occupied – I can sit around doing menial, pointless shit and still be able to function without going insane. This doesn’t mean I’m good at coping with boredom, which should be pointed out. I am good at eating, drinking and sitting, but none of these things really act as great boredom killers. Apart from drinking, but we ran out of the booze pretty swiftly so it wasn’t a good, blunt instrument against the forces of boredom.

I am good at coping with boredom when I actually have something to kill the boredom with. The picnic, as it was today, didn’t fill this hole and I was, as a result, quite bored. Even though I was sitting out in the nice “world” surrounded by dogs, ducks, food and booze, I was bored.

I mean, not that I’m complaining, but everyone else had things to read. I said I’d take my PSP but this was vetoed, for some reason. Philistines.

Wow, this wasn’t much of an entry. I blame sunstroke, or something.

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