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Football Manager 2012: the addiction continues

One of the best things about having the job I have is that sometimes, in some places, some people pay attention to what you do and don’t like. People get reputations for being ‘the person who likes this’, or ‘the twat who won’t shut up about that’. It doesn’t happen to me much, as I’m pretty ignorable, but it has happened with something I’m happy about: I’m the Football Manager guy.

What this means is that I am personally sent early, pre-release codes to download the new Football Manager games well before they’re out, and well before you – the plebes – get to have a go at it. This: makes me very happy indeed. Why do I point this out today? Because I have been sent a preview code for FM2012, of course.

Yes, this made me so giddy at work I managed to ignore my intense hatred of the world for a couple of minutes and jiggle up and down like an excitable four-year-old made of jelly.

In fact, I’ve just entered the code now and… IT’S NOT WORKING?! Shit, I… no. I can’t handle this. Not now. Not in this frame of mind. I’ll lose it. I’ll go Unabomber on everyone’s ass. I’ll make 9/11 x 10,000 happen. PEOPLE WILL DIE BY MY HAND.

Ah, no – it’s worked. Phew!

Right, off to my wonderful life of sitting, waiting for something to download. I don’t give a shit – I fucking love Football Manager. It’s one of the best addictions I’ve ever had, and I’ve just deleted what I wrote there because even for me it was a bit extreme. I really am full of quite a lot of genuine hatred today. Brilliant!

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