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Digital hoarding

As you may have noticed from my recent whining, I suffered a mega-failure of my PS3’s hard drive yesterday. This means – partly through hardware fault, partly through my own idiocy of not taking available contingency options – I’ve lost five years of game saves.

First up, no – it’s not the end of days, in case any of you are tempted to show you’re flying the “GO OUTSIDE LIKE A REAL PERSON WAAAAH” colours. It’s an irritation. A minor setback. But it’s still annoying.

Second, it’s made me realise another way in which I am a massive, pointless hoarder. I’ve noticed it before with the crap I have in my room. Can’t possibly throw that away – I might use it again some time. Couldn’t think of selling that on – I might want to cradle it in my arms for fifteen hours solid one time.

Now I realise I did it with the downloads on the console, too. As we live in the future where you can download games straight to your machine, I had done that a lot. As I work in a job where I get a fair few of these games sent my way for work or just as freebies, I had done it a lot.

They all went with the HDD failure, natch.

So I went through the list, looking at what I want to redownload. I initially set out to get everything – which is about 250 downloads. At least. I quickly changed that plan.

But then, looking through the list, I realised I haven’t played any of the games on it for a long-ass time. I only wanted them so I had them – no other real reason. I can justify it all I want with claims of ‘I’ll go back to it at some point’ or whatever else, but that’s just another excuse to hoard.

So yeah, I’ve just decided to download about ten things, leave it at that. Try and curb this insanity. And yes, one of them is obviously Joe Danger. I’m happy to start that again, as it’s brilliant.

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A rare spark of motivation has lead to something wonderful

I’ve had a strange day today – I was actually motivated to do something, rather than just fester. I mean, I did fester as I always do. It would be stupid of me not to when I get the opportunity to sit in my PJs doing (almost) fuck-all all day. But I had a twinge of something, and just a few minutes later I was recording a couple of videos.

Now one was an attempt to be funny, which I’m not too sure about. I’ll be holding off on doing anything with that for the time being. The other though was something I think I can work with – making video guides for games. Obviously I play them loads and am well good like, so why not share my knowledge? Here’s proof, if proof be need be, that my guides will be amazing:

With these handsome good looks, the ability to get the audience eating out of the palm of my hand and some mad skillz innit, I think this could be the start of something beautiful.

I’m not forking out for expensive video capture stuff though, so it’s strictly off-screen for the foreseeable future.

(NOTE: The video is actually a piss-take, shockingly enough, just in case you’re put off watching it because you think I’m being serious.)


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Ian’s wishlist, November 2010

I’ve had a day of wanting new things today, mainly fuelled by the fact I’ve been lazing around doing fuck all in spectacular fashion. Though I did have an awesome sandwich, thanks to THE LOVELY WOMAN. But yes, the act of Not Doing Much is deeply conductive to the state whereby I simply browse the internet, looking at fings wot I want. Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas (it isn’t) and you all want to buy me things (you don’t), here’s a list of the things I have decided I will buy today. It is not interesting, nor is it in any way surprising.

Asus EEE PC 1215N: I love Tiny Laptop, I really do. But at the same time I find its resolution settings restrictive, in that I can’t play things that need more than 600 pixels of screen depth. Most old games are fine, but there are some less-than-old-games that just don’t work out for me, and this annoys. I’m looking at you, GalCiv2. It is £429 though, and that’s far more than I earn in a year.

Desktop PC: Yes, as well as a new Tiny Laptop. One is for work (gaming on the go), the other is for work (gaming at home). I think it’s about time Big Laptop was retired, and I think I want to go back to the world of desktops. This is another £800-900 investment to be made. So that’s two years’ salary.

A second Xbox 360: I want to be able to play debug code for games at home, and I know I’ll never get sent a debug console by MicroSoft. Hence, I want a second 360 that I can flash. Bam: semi-pointless waste of about £100, total.

A second PS3: see above reasoning, only replacing flashing with ‘jailbreaking’. Unfortunately it seems quite hard to get hold of a PS3 – even a broken one to be fixed up – for anything approaching the super-cheap prices I am willing to pay. So there’s another £100 minimum.

This book: though admittedly this is for Anna, not I.

See? Isn’t that just a thrilling not-quite-Christmas list? I’ll provide my address to whoever it is that wants to splurge £1500+ on me. Eight years’ wages.

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FIFA World Cup 2010 predictions – groups G-H

Right, last one now and a lot later than I intended to do it so it’ll probably be worse than the other three – and they were pretty bad. Ah well. Read on, reader.

Group G

Brazil: See, I don’t really care about Brazil in any World Cup – I just accept they’re great. I care even less right now that my brain is dominated by post-Sony conference E3 thoughts.

Ivory Coast: Like, when can I play Twisted Metal? What did Gabe’s half sentences about Steamworks mean? Is PS3 getting Steam? That would be amazing.

Portugal: It’s fun how E3 has managed to actually ignite some excitement from me for once – the last few years have been abject failures on that front. Twisted Metal! Kevin Butler is funny too. I reckon they’ll get a bit more use out of that character. He’s funny.

North Korea: Oh look – North Korea! I wonder if anyone there is even aware there’s a new Twisted Metal game coming out. I hope there is. If only a handful of secret North Korean nerds. Hard as that might be.

Group H

Spain: Wait, right, football. Errm… Spain are a team who are well good, like. I think they will do well in the football Word Cup, and that “Torres” will score some goals. I wish he still had a mullet though. Don’t know why, I just do.

Switzerland: Oh yes, THE SWISS. The monsters of the footballing world, known for their fury and sheer emotion on the pitch – as well as on the world stage. Filthy neutrals. They do have a chance to get out of this group, mind, as they’ve done well up to now.

Honduras: Another one of those teams you don’t really understand why they’re in the finals. Also I called them Costa Rica the other day, though that’s acceptable because I was thinking about Paulo Wanchope. And probably Twisted Metal.

Chile: What do Chile have going for them these days? I lost track of them in the early noughties, so I have no idea where they’re at right now. Probably shit. Oh well. Out in the group stage after the monsters of Switzerland beat them into a tearful submission.

Be fair now – it wasn’t as painful as you think it was. Maybe it made you laugh? Oh, screw you. I don’t give a shit if you laugh or not. You sick bastards. You suck.


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Hostility towards the opposition

Fury is an interesting concept, and one I’m more than familiar with. I’ve actually mellowed in recent years, which I refuse to believe is anything to do with Anna’s influence. It’s probably because of Pluto not being a planet anymore, or something. Anyway, I have been known to lose my temper for the most ridiculous of reasons, and many of these still do occur – and always have occurred – while playing videogames.

Now this would make it about the right time for someone to muscle in and complain that this is indicative of a much larger problem, that games are causing the downfall of society, destroying the innocence of youth and have caused at least ten million murders in the last year alone. I would like to nip this in the bud by saying: FUCK OF OR ILL STAB YOU INT HE BRANE LOL.

With that out of the way, let us continue. Game-rage is an odd thing: it can cause the most laid-back of people to become a foaming-mouthed wretch of the worst kind, cussing your family and threatening violence towards any and all inanimate objects within a local radius. FIFA, for example, has been seen with my own eyes to change normally well-mannered, quiet people into obscenity-spewing, furious beasts of raging anger. But this is with very good reason, and is something I will probably go into at some point in another post, as FIFA is the devil incarnate.

Anyway, it isn’t just related to games themselves. Gaming in general seems to be a hotbed of impotent, adolescent fury. Obviously it’s impossible to figure out why this is, as it’s not like there is a link, like a lot of gamers being 14-year-old American males who hate their parents and get bullied at school or anything. But the reaction gamers give to most anything is the kind of thing that makes you sorry the human race has ever existed.

Until, of course, this happens:

Then all is well again. I will do something about my personal game-rage at another time. For now, we should all bask in this thing and its lovely skin (and genuinely quite funny-ness).


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