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Noise complaints and sandwiches

I’m really very tired right now thanks to the triple-header feature of a guy who lives in the room next to me who – while he doesn’t shout – is only capable of one speaking volume: a bit too loud. He was talking about inane shit and laughing at the end of every sentence why nothing is that funny you absolute moron and so was his girlfriend and that was at about 1am and it woke me up about three times cheers guys.

That’s the first factor.

The second is that the wall appears to be made of some approximation of what could really be called ‘thin paper’. That can be the only explanation as to why two people – who I feel the need to point out again, weren’t shouting – could be heard perfectly as I lay quietly in bed. He’s studying some marine science thing, it seems, and he doesn’t know what a dorsal fin is. I hope he fails.

Third bit is that I, for whatever reason, don’t like to tell people off for being loud. I’ve done it and I’m sure I’ll do it again – likely tonight as I’m tired and in a mood. But I don’t want to be that person who complains, because I’ve been on the receiving end of it many times and it’s just annoying for people to have the temerity to be annoyed with you.

So yeah, three combined factors leading to me being really tired now. So tired I made my sandwich to take to work for lunch this morning and just left it there on the side in the kitchen, no cling film, no nothing. I do not know how I instantly forgot I’d made it, but I did.

Which meant I got a quick dinner on getting home. BOOM.

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New York: The Definitive Review (7/10)

I just realised I never got around to doing this, so here you go: my ultimate, tell-all and take no prisoners review of the city so GREAT they named it twice. That’s New York, by the way. Not Manchester, where I am currently freezing my nips off. This place shouldn’t have been named once, as far as I’m concerned. Though I do still like Chorlton.

Anyway, that place on the anti-west coast of America. My first issue with it is the size – not just the sprawling, square (tidy) mess that is the city and its layout, but the actual height of everything. Why couldn’t everyone involved in building things in New York just calm down a bit? What’s wrong with making everything a bungalow? At least that way I won’t have to crane my neck up so much I don’t see the street urchins at ground level robbing me of all my pocketly possessions (1x fluff, 2x more fluff). It would also mean less lifts inside these massive buildings that have to propel you at just-about-lightspeed to get you to the 36th floor in a timely fashion. They’re just not good for hangovers, guys. You didn’t design the city – aesthetically, at least – with hangovers in mind. And that’s an oversight.

An undersight, though – yes that’s my new dictionary opposite of an oversight – is the food. Now granted, I lucked out in being ferried around to some reasonably fancy places, but I did get to go to a deli where the insane woman told us stories about Robbie Coltrane and Helen Mirren and my brisket sandwich was big enough to feed double-me. Though I forgot to collect the wrapped up half as I was too busy dying inside. I also had a great burger. I would like to return to New York to sample the food properly, as I think being babysat so much isn’t particularly conductive to a ‘real’ food experience. I have no idea why this has gone half-genuine here, sorry.

Shower? Well mine was fine. Good, even. But a chum had one that was long enough for me to lie down in and had two actual showers in it, so I can’t help but feel a bit let down there, New York. Bed was very comfy and massive though. Big enough to fit 3.42 me on it, at a quick guess, and soft enough to that only 12.5% of each me would remain uncomfortable in some way. This therefore makes me think all beds in New York must be of the same quality. MUST BE.

I didn’t get to see much of the city in all honesty, bar Times Square which was a bit shit. Not exactly my idea of a good place when there’s a 20 metre tall advert for Piers “Cunt” Morgan’s new show on CNN staring at me. Or the tossers who hassle you. Hey I am walking here, etc. I’d like to go back, hopefully the second time without massive illness, with the ability to explore and with other changes I can’t be bothered going into.

It was going to be a different number, but then I got some cheap MS points from Zavvi thanks to a freebie 15% off code which levelled me out, so it’s back to a resounding: 7/10

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