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Here comes a new (webcomic) challenger

*I’ve just realised I’ve made this 3,046 times better by just putting my face on it. GU Comics, you are shit.*

I tend to get my weekly fix of webcomics from Kotaku (it’s a gaming site and they’re gaming comics, fact fans). The problem is, I shouldn’t do this. Because they’re invariably shit. Seriously – look at this week’s post and find something on it that genuinely makes you laugh. And I mean this coming from someone who does get all (most) of the references to gaming and pop culture in them. The simple fact of the matter is they’re just not very good. At all. Yet they get audiences of millions per week, solely because they’re included on the Kotaku post.

I know there are good webcomics around – I read XKCD whenever it’s updated (Monday’s isn’t so good, but check through the archives for some genuinely hilarious posts) and every now and them am randomly linked by someone to something that is… y’know… good. With this in mind I have come to two conclusions… three conclusions: one, people need to tell me more good webcomics to read. Good ones, not shit ones with obvious references, smug, self-satisfied writers and a genuinely unfunny end product. Two, it must be really hard to be funny if only about five per cent of the offerings out there are actually smirk-worthy. And three, I should get in on this stuff, as I am funny.

With number three in mind, say hello to my new webcomic series. It is as yet untitled and probably won’t continue beyond this single entry. But that’s irrelevant, because it’s 300 times the comic PvPOnline is and (approximately) eighty-two billion that of GU Comics (which is legally worse than the holocaust, cancer and a burning orphanage put together into one big mush of badtitude). Enjoy!

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