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Thought I was bored of games for a minute there. I’m not, don’t worry.

I tend to think I’m getting bored of games, what with them all being the same thing over and over. It’s usually giant future-men shooting things, normal present-men shooting foreigners, some shit with an androgynous lead character who doesn’t realise they have the touch (they have the power) or in the case of Nintendo the exact same game for the fiftieth time.

There are some other standard tropes, but shut up I’m not listing everything.

Anyway, you can probably see why I might think I’m a bit bored of them. But then I remember I’m not when I actually play them and realise that yes, while Shootybang Man 9000 is just the same game again again again, I’m still having fun with it. The mainstream efforts that I slag off so much for being creative voids are still that, and they’re less intellectually stimulating than talking to someone from my hometown, but they get the carrot-and-stick philosophy down.

Simple, straightforward progress. An increase in your abilities. A gradual increase in difficulty. The ability to skip cut scenes. All of these things tie together to make something I’m fine wasting a few hours of my day playing.

The day when the mindless, Michael Bay-style games don’t give me any enjoyment is the day I really get worried.

These blogs are always so much better* when they’re a day late.


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