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I’ve re-started this blog multiple times today. Five, I think. My brain is refusing to think of other topics to talk about beyond it being a year since Dumpgate, but I categorically do not want to whine about that. For my own good, that is – I couldn’t give two squirts of stale piss if it irks you in the slightest or not.

Nevertheless, I am struggling to think of a topic as a result of having other things on the brain, trying to plan for the next few weeks/couple of months, wondering how I’m going to afford anything and other such inconsequential tripe that doesn’t matter to anybody apart from me and those involved with the things directly.

Oh, I’m also spending some time wondering why Stewart Downing gets to play regular football for Liverpool. Maybe it’s King Kenny’s ultimate troll against the Scouse fans, proving that they’ll love any piece of shit that pulls on one of their shit shirts.

Anyway, just listen to this and laugh along because it’s exactly the same as Ricky Gervais saying ‘mong’ OH NO WAIT:

(Clue: he had polio. It was actually making a point. Because I know a lot of dullards need this kind of thing explaining to them, rather than looking for the information themselves. I hate you all.)

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