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A thrilling insight into what might be coming in future blogs

I have a lot of homework on right now, so I’m struggling to think of a topic to base this thought-burp on. As such, I’m going to look around my room at some things in it, and come up with ideas for future blogs based on the items I see. Is this post-modern? Nah, just lazy.

First thing I see is a bin: I could tell a thrilling tale of how we never used to empty the bin until someone was idiotic enough to not balance their rubbish on top of the pile correctly. As soon as something fell on the floor, the person causing the spillage had to empty the bin. Stinky Jenga.

Second thing I see is my telly: It’s… well, it seems to be on the fritz. 10 months since I got it for free, it’s developed a fault that these TVs seem to get. I want it fixed, but I really don’t want to pay money to get it done. But then, do I trust myself and my Parkinson’s-steady hands to re-solder a connection? Hmm.

Third thing I see is speakers: I hooked them up, yo, and now they’re all like totally rad with bass and shit. I’ve had these badboys for bloody ages now, and they’ve lived with me all over the country. Well, wherever I’ve lived in the country. Which isn’t all over it.

Anyway, I’m only giving you three. Feel happy about that.

And on a final note, I just pressed ctrl+v and this came out: “I cannot deny a person, a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, the people of my district and across this state, the State of New York, and those people who make this the great state that it is the same rights that I have with my wife.”


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Work to do? Okay, I’ll spend all day doing NOTHING OF THE SORT, then.

I have just spent half an hour setting up my speakers so the sound from my telly-vee comes out through them. I have been meaning to do this for a while, as clearly I am such an audiophile it had to be done. HAD TO BE.

Obviously I’ve opted for the best connection, which is plugging an amp into the headphone socket on the TV. No better sound than that, right? RIGHT? Ahem.

Anyway, like I say, this needed to be done and I’ve intended to do it for a while. Saaaay, about two years now? I’ve just forgotten about it or not bothered for an age. So what’s pushed me over the edge and made me take the plunge into a world of even more wires cluttering up my already cluttered floor?

Work, obviously. I have a sizeable feature to finish off today, so naturally I’ve opted to do other things that really need doing. Like said speaker thing. I’m probably going to do the washing up in a mo. Then have a shower that lasts about an hour. Then rearrange the speakers. Then tidy up a bit.

Then put some washing on.

Then rearrange my towels.

Then stare in the mirror for 30 minutes wondering what went wrong.

Then eat an apple.

Then read some old correspondence or look at old photos and get nostalgic.

Then realise it’s half nine and there’s still a feature to finish off, then stay up til 4am actually doing it.

Then make this blog go on for longer than it really should.

Still, at least my totally super-rad sound system is now hooked up. Had this badboy forever now.

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