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Working costumes

I think I need to improve the barrier I have between work and not-work. Unfortunately for me, my work is my main hobby/the thing I love/whatever, so it’s hard to separate the two. When I spend the day writing about things that happen in the world of gaming then go home and relax by reading up on the events in the day relating to gaming, it can be… yeah.

So I need clearer divides so my mind can separate the two easier and I don’t feel the need to be on the job at all times (note: I don’t mean doing a poo). There needs to be something beyond just not being in the office to differentiate the two.

I need a costume.

No, I don’t mean uniform. I’m not going to start wearing a suit to work, as funny as it would be to nab one of Burns’ nice ones and out-suit all the other smart clothes-wearers in the office. Nor am I going to specifically purchase ‘work clothes’ or anything else that reminds me too much of school.

No, I need a proper, bona fide costume in the style of every superhero ever. After all, with me being Best In The World, it’s only fair that I get some lycra and bright colours that really show how BITW I actually am.

Plus this would mean that if I ever get bored on the way home from work and need to do something to liven it up, I can start fighting crime. I’m thinking Super style, with a wrench to the skull. I’d say Kick Ass style, but I can feel pain and I don’t want to hang around with a 12-year-old girl.

Anyway, yeah. That. Someone make me a costume. I’ll pay you in a handshake and – possibly – by saying “thanks”, but I’ll likely mumble it through my own sense of lacking self confidence and you’ll take this to mean I don’t really mean the thanks even though I do and it starts a whole thing and oh god why do I even bother.

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