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Billy West is my hero

One of the sillier fantasies of mine – not in that way – is that I some day become a voice actor. Think about it: on a scale of jobs I want to do, it’s up there.

I have no idea why I prefaced that with ‘think about it’, as if you’d be thinking the exact thing that’s in my head, but there you go.

Anyway, I’ve always been decent (read: not good) at doing silly voices. Well, I’ve always been able to make people laugh using my voice. Well, some people laughed when I said things like Kenneth Williams. Well, one person laughed at how I said something once and she might have been drunk and had a head wound and oh now I sound like I brutally assaulted a drunk woman.

I can categorically state for the record: she was not drunk.

Anyway, I can go high, I can sound like a weird child/baby thing, I can be angry, I can do a decent Blessed, there’s the aforementioned Kenneth Williams, I can do one accent quite well, I know how to spell too.

Basically I’m the perfect voice actor, and as such should take over from Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

I’ll be awaiting your calls, casting agents. I have my own microphone and I just downloaded the latest version of Audacity, so I’m good to go whenever you are.

Seriously though, I might record a demo tape. Except not on tape because it’s not 1983. If it was I wouldn’t be able to talk. Actually if it was this date in 1983 I wouldn’t even exist for another month and a bit. Weird.

BYE. Happy 900th entry.

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