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Watching shit, or something

I’ve written about Arrested Development before, but I haven’t watched it for a while. This is actually a bit of an oddity for me, in recent years at least, as I’ve been watching it non-stop more or less every month or so for the last few years. Naturally this makes me well cool lah.

There’s a lot that’s cool about avoiding something you genuinely love for a while. At least when it comes to TV shows, as then you can pick and choose when you watch them. TV shows you can pick and choose when you watch are well good, lah.

But having a comedy show you truly love and watching it non-stop is brilliant, clearly. You can rely on it to cheer you up, you can consider the true meanings of each and every line and you can repeat every single line ad nauseam. Or just pre-empt them in a hilarious fashion. Trust me, it’s even funnier when you’re ruining lines for those who haven’t seen it before.

But to avoid something you love enough to watch all the time on purpose is brilliant. It means after a while you can watch it again and while it won’t be fresh it will be effing brilliant. I’m saying every line, but I don’t care – I haven’t seen it in a while.

Sorry if this is a bit all over the place, I’ve been drinking for a while. (I’m not sorry)

“It’s as Anne as the nose on plain’s face”

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Stop looking over my shoulder, goits

Seems this didn’t publish earlier when I pressed ‘publish’. Soz.

A five hour train ride isn’t a great deal of fun, surprisingly because it takes five hours. But I’ve found there is one great way in which you can make the journey just fly by. Step one is to take some form of device that can play movies on it, so you can watch a selection of movies, or TV shows or whatever else you want to watch. This means there will be a screen on which you are watching moving images – a key point of the plan.

Step two is to make sure there’s somebody sat within your peripheral vision – but this can’t just be anyone, it has to be a particular kind of person. The kind of person I’m talking about, of course, is the kind who will insist on watching things over your shoulder. It just makes the journey FLY BY when you have some gormless oaf who can’t do anything but stare, mouth agape at the fact you have a colourful screen projecting the moving images of famous people you might know of.

While it does make the journey FLLLLYYYY BYYYY, I would still like to punch every single one of these nosey morons in the face. Except for the ones who are bigger than me, or ones who look stabby. I find it intensely annoying, and it’s made all the worse when they comment on what’s on the screen either to their friends or to me. TO ME.

Arseholes. Stop it.

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