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Why bother? Boredom, mainly.

I’ve been asked by a few people recently (as well as by myself) why I’m bothering to continue this blog. It gets noticeably less effort put into it on a daily basis than it used to get, with average blog lengths going down to about 230 words rather than the 300+ of old.

Though there is the whole quantity/quality argument there, but that’s not what I’m thinking right now. Also more recent blogs have clearly been lacking in both those elements. ANYWAY.

So why am I still continuing? A sense of duty, I suppose. I said I’d do it for a second year, so I’m going to do it for a second year. I didn’t say I’d do it well, just that there would be 365 blog entries written and uploaded in 2011/early 2012.

But I do think it goes a bit deeper than that – though not deep enough for anyone reading to be in any way impressed as to my reasoning.

First of all, the more honourable reason: there’s been a bit of cash donated as a direct result of me doing this shit. As such, I feel honour-bound to complete the task.

Second, the less honourable reason: I think it helps relieve some of the mind-numbing boredom of life, what with blogging giving me something – however small – to look forward to each day. Something to think about, or focus on. Yes, it doesn’t get the effort it used to, but it still gets some, and it still – on a very personal level – does something that helps me. Namely, helping kill off some boredom.

And all anybody ever does in life is try to kill off boredom. That’s all life be, y’all.

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