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I’m wrap, wrap, wrap wrap wrapping

You’ll have to excuse the lack of hilarious Photoshopping from the next week-and-a-bit’s worth of entries, as I am on Tiny Laptop for the foreseeable future. Instead, today you can have the image of where I am right now. It actually bothered to snow this year, whereas last time around it just rained and I refused to believe snow was possible in Switzerland. A fair belief, I think.

Anyway, watching two numbskulls wrap presents right now has just reminded me of my utter lack of ability when it comes to wrapping things. This isn’t something I was ever trained for, nor is it something I was told would be a skill I needed to master for later life. Yet it pops up at regular intervals – while evidently not as often for me as I am deeply selfish and uncaring, so don’t dish out as many presents as others. Nevertheless, I do happen to think that maybe present-wrapping should be taught at school so we all have a stronger grasp on how the shit you’re supposed to do the edges without it looking like a shitheaded moron tried their very worst to vaguely attach some crinkled paper to a box of something.

I mean, it doesn’t help that I have all the artistic acumen of an insane genius who both isn’t a genius and has no hands. Though having said that, I’d probably be far better at wrapping presents, or any other things that require care, attention, or steady hands if I had no hands.

That may be a lie and/or a massive exaggeration. Who knows, I’ve been drinking in this winter wonderland.

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