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Here is a picture of a monkey running off with a dog

I like to think of myself in certain ways – I don’t hold myself up to the belief that I am a very serious person, or that I demand nothing but the best from myself and those around me, or any other nonsense like that. But I do have some standards, and these particularly apply to what I waste my time watching and laughing at – with the emphasis here on the ‘laughing at’ part. I won’t watch this comedian, I don’t find this programme funny, you don’t find this series funny if you’re a moron, the dicktowel is hilarious – that kind of thing. I am arrogant about it, you could say. So it is with great regret and no small amount of embarrassment that I must make this shocking admission: I sometimes sit for hours on end watching funny animal videos on Youtube.

It’s a natural extension of my feelings toward You’ve Been Framed – a show which I always disliked for the ‘people falling over at weddings’ bits and loved for the ‘cat runs into window’ bits. Now we live in a world where these clips can be accessed at will and… well… it’s not something to be proud of in the slightest. Before, when it was that awful show on that awful channel, you could be excused for just shutting off your brain and watching it. But now I’m actively going out of my way to watch the bloody things*. It’s sickening. And with that in mind, here’s Hecklerspray’s video post today, which made me laugh like an absolute wanker. Sorry.

*See Stewart Lee’s Channel 4/E4 routine.

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