No otters were harmed in the murder of Terry Nutkins

I don’t have Word so I’m having to write this straight into the CMS, I’m uncomfortable in this chair, I keep making typing mistakes as I’m getting used to this new keyboard (oh GOD it makes satisfying keystroke noises) and I fed myself a ketchup sandwich as I couldn’t be bothered cooking after toiling for about four hours straight.

On the other hand, I do now have a new PC. And it’s massive. Too big, even. I’ve made a huge mistake. I shall have to have it eliminated immediately.

Or not, because it’s clearly great. And bigger is better, as one of the ‘hilarious’ voices on WWF Attitude used to say. I made my Dad on that game, which was obviously hilarious, and gave him the Shooting Star Press as a finishing move. My father is a bigger man, you see, and watching him do this in the game always amused me:

Anyway, it’s late and I haven’t done anything except faff with technology this evening. As such, I need to sleep, or eat, or have a drink, or something. I have no idea what.

Oh wait, I need to download XCOM. And Football Manager. And All The  Games. I like my new BATTLESTATION (bit of “inter” “net” for you there).

So I wanted to go on a half-worried mini-rant about how Google knows everything about me and, once I’d logged in on Chrome for the first time, literally clicked one button for it to instantly import all of my bookmarks, settings, saved passwords and so on and how that shows the company knows everything about me and I should be worried because what if they one day turn evil… but I can’t. Because it was really convenient. And right now, that’s all I want.

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