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The End

Well, this is how the world (of this blog) ends: not with a whimper, but a bang.

I have hit 1,000 entries and decided to call it quits – nearly three years of doing this is probably enough to prove that I can do it for longer than Rich. He managed about three weeks.

I won, Rich. You lost.

It continued as a writing exercise; getting me to post something new every single day and get my writing pistons pumping. But it didn’t exactly result in the most creative or interesting of posts, especially not over the last year or so. Even my opinions have tailed off as I’ve realised how very little I care about anything.

I was tempted to reign it in rather than stopping altogether, but doing a blog a week or something still feels, right now, like giving myself work I don’t want to do. So I’m not doing that. Maybe one day in the future I’ll come back to it in that sort of manner, but certainly not in the near future.

My life changed immeasurably in the time I was writing this blog. I moved from upstairs to downstairs. I went from fat to thin. I went from not having ‘senior’ on my job title to having ‘senior’ on my job title. I went from being in a relationship to not. I went from laptop to desktop. I reviewed a shower in Sweden.

It was a lark, I suppose. I’m sure I will miss it in some strange way, if only because it’s part of my routine now. But I will not be rushing back to do more – this is not a Ric Flair “retirement”, it’s a Shawn Michaels “I’ve always resented putting myself through this so SEE YA” retirement.

If you don’t already, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @ianinthefuture. I’ll continue rambling shit there. I know most of you are people I know in Real Life anyway so you probably already do that, and this assumes you actually want to read what I write but hey. Whatever.

Oh, and we helped raise some anti-cancer money too. Which is good.

I would say I’m going to pour my creative energies into something else now, but that’d probably end up being a lie. So instead I’ll say I hope to do that, then if I don’t it’s not actually a lie. This isn’t an important point, it’s just filler. I’m good at filler. Mainly thanks to this blog.

Anyway, be nice to see what’s in the future for Ian.

Smell ya later, jerkwads.


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