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Transfer deadline day: rarely as thrilling as you’d hope

Transfer deadline day is a day of thrills, spills and surprises – endless edge of your seat action where you don’t know which way it’s going to turn, or which superstar is going to end up at your club or in your favourite league. It’s also the time we can look back to and say “nobody thought the manager was sane when he brought that 16-year-old in for a million quid, now he’s the best player in the world!!!!!!!!”

The problem is, all of this fun, these thrills and the many spills can only be had in Football Manager, if today’s end of the transfer window is anything to go by. The BBC’s live transfer ticker, updated by a few people throughout the day, could be a bona-fide argument against having the licence fee. Let’s just hope the Tories weren’t paying attention, shall we?

I guess the fact that there are big surprises every now and then keeps people thinking this shit will happen every single time – Robinho going to City instead of Chelsea the other year (and still thinking he was going to Chelsea) is a fine recent example of a genuine shocker. But it doesn’t work like that, and… well, I’m really just annoyed at the fact that I kept that transfer ticker loaded up in my browser all day at work today, and nothing particularly interesting popped up on it.

This isn’t an eBay auction – you’re not convincing yourself to put an extra £2.34 on a bid in the dying seconds of the sale to bag yourself some vintage Nazi underwear signed by Justin Bieber. It’s big business, with the vast majority of transactions conducted over a protracted period of time and in intricate detail. Unless you’re West Ham and you sign a couple of Argentineans and don’t actually bother reading the contracts, of course.

It’s just another sensationalised part of news reporting that gets my goat. That is all.

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