Lost at (mind)sea

A double whammy of feeling out of touch has left me a bit discombobulated today, for two very different reasons. One the more direct meaning of just being out of touch with someone I want to be in touch with, the other through sitting myself down and forcing my way through a piece of work for something I genuinely have little understanding of.

Both these things will pass, both will have little-to-no effect on my life, but both – however minor – have managed to veer my mind off course somewhat, into uncharted waters where I am uncomfortable and annoyed.

I have just sat staring at a batch of captions I wrote, shouting at the screen “THESE ARE SHIT WHY ARE THESE SHIT I DON’T GET IT”. That’s what it’s done to my head.

Thanks, head!

But it’s not always like this. A bit more understanding comes from a bit more explanation, a bit more planning, a bit more learning. That’s comforting. Fun, even. That’s how things should be.

But right now I feel a bit lost at sea, helpless and alone, facing off against a vast, unyielding wall of nothingness.

Which means I should probably play FTL or Borderlands 2 for a bit to centre myself.

Christ, I’m not even drunk.

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